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Chimney Chase Covering

Old, galvanized chimney chase covers rot and leaks over time. They are solely designed to last for seven to nine years, and therefore the water that leaks into your home through the recent chimney hood will cause major issues. These include firebox rotting which leads to spark creation as well as heat and carbon monoxide leakage, mound growth, and damaged sheetrock.

What is a Chimney Chase Cover New Jersey?

Chimney chase covers are specifically designed to cover the open chimneys of houses to protect them from rain, storm, and strong wind. It will prevent the occurrence of major problems that can lead to costly chimney repairs and can affect your family’s health. When water from rain or snow from heavy snowfall enters the chimney it blocks the chimney and creates many unseen infections and bacteria due to water blockage that becomes the cause of various illnesses in house owners along with some severe damage to it that sometimes can be repaired or recovered.

Who We Are?

Welcome to A1 Chimney chase covers service, performing its well known and trustworthy services for years. A1 Chimney is so far the best chimney sweeping, repairing, and installation company in New Jersey. In addition to chimney cleaning and inspections, we fabricate and install new metal covers on the top of the chases for prefabricated fireplace chimneys to keep them safe from unexpected weather changes and give you the desired warmth of the fireplace in cold weather.

Why Choose Our Chimney Chase Covering?

A1 Chimney can design the most advance and unique type of chase covers for your chimneys that have supreme reliability because the material that we use in its manufacturing is most demanded in the market. We visit your site and custom measure your chimney chase top so the cover will fit properly. Each chimney cover is personalized to suit your house. A custom fit looks great and means the best protection from moisture and all the problems it causes. We have special copper chimney chase covering that last beyond your expectations, meeting all the quality standards. These special chase covers offer similar advantages but with a more decorative look. Moreover, a stainless steel chimney chase cover from A1 Chimney can withstand damage from storms, ice, and heavy snow as well as prevent rain, melting snow, and other debris from entering the chimney.

We proudly offer covers made out of pure materials that don’t get rusty or undergo uneven breakage after a few times. They will surely last longer than your expectations.

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Contact a professional at A1 ChimneyNew Jersey to have a high-quality chimney cover properly fitted to your home that would not let even a single drop of water pass through it. Call us and our competent professionals will reach your place to take measurements and soon they will get back to you to fit the custom-designed chimney cover.

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