Chimney Inspection Level 3
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Chimney Inspection Level 3

Imagine yourself cuddled up in front of a cozy, warm fire on a snowy night. In all likelihood, the last thing on your mind is the condition of your chimney. Unfortunately, if you don’t give some thought to it before lighting those winter fires, your enjoyment may be very short-lived. A dirty or malfunctioning chimney can easily catch fire that could ruin your comfort and world turn all your enjoyment into scare and horror of fire that is unbeatable. A proper chimney inspection level 3 by inspection team must be done to avoid any disaster or damage.

What is Chimney Inspection Level 3?

Level 3 inspection includes the level 1 and 2 inspection procedures as well as the exclusion of certain areas of the building or chimney where needed. Removal of chimney parts is compulsory only when a chimney sweep wants to gain entrance to areas that are the subject of the inspection. When severe problems are suspected, a level 3 inspection is used to more carefully assess the condition of the chimney system. Whenever chimney catches fire or comes under the effect of storm then you must have its inspection done by chimney experts before operating it again.

Who We Are?

A1 Chimney offers three levels of chimney inspection as well as chimney sweeping, chimney caps, chimney re-lining, animal proofing, and major chimney repair. We sell and service fireplace inserts and wood stoves. Our expert workers are all licensed and certified, chimney sweeps have passed certification testing by The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA); to provide you with the most affordable and everlasting chimney service which gives the guarantee that even a single brick of your chimney wall will not move from its place even after several years of usage.

Why Choose Our Chimney Inspection Level 3?

When you use the A1 Chimney inspection level 3 service, you’re guaranteed to save money by protecting yourself from fire disasters, every single brick and product of your chimney will be made up of super-efficient material that we use in all of our chimney installation projects that are not only long-lasting but also super reliable and stays at its place for several years without even a minor defect. We will protect your home from dangerous brick fall-offs and fire bursts by giving you three levels of inspection service to find out any faulty thing inside a chimney.

Our chimney inspection services are especially needed for chimneys built before the 1970s. To properly cope with any fault or malfunctioning, or rid your chimney of any stuck animal inside it, you need a team of trusted professionals like us who gets proper training and courses to get this task done effortlessly along with complete and proper use of heavy equipment and materials.

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